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Safety Source Fire is proud to have teamed with Pierce Manufacturing to deliver state-of-the-art fire apparatus. We understand that every second on the job counts and we tailor customizations to match your requirements. Pierce manufactures the fire apparatus bumper to bumper. As a single source manufacturer, there’s a reason you’ll find more than 27,000 Pierce trucks on the road today. Every decision—every single engineered detail— is designed with precision and performance in mind.

Proven Technologies. Unrivaled Innovation.

Performance driven design means that Pierce is continually evolving to bring you industry-leading advancements and unmatched innovation. Our experienced team has access to an arsenal of cutting edge technologies and revolutionary processes. Choose from one of Pierce’s seven custom chassis and our best-in-class innovations.

Ascendant™ 107' Single Rear Axle Aerial Ladder: Available on a wide range of Pierce custom chassis, the aerial delivers a full 107-foot vertical reach and a 100-foot horizontal reach with an operating range from -10⁰ to +77⁰. Its 100-foot horizontal reach is an astounding 32-feet greater than a typical single rear axle aerial.

Command Zone™: Cutting edge electronic system that makes it easier for firefighters to maintain their vehicles, prepare for calls and monitor performance on the scene. It also delivers the industry’s first prognostic capabilities.

E-Coat Corrosion Protection: Delivers a superior corrosion and chemical resistance, while maintaining a high-quality, resilient surface for paint of any color or finish.

HERCULES™ CAFS: For a quicker and safer knockdown, with less exposure to heat, the compressed air foam system has a low surface tension that allows it to spread quickly, cover widely, and cling more aggressively to the surface.

Husky™ Foam Systems: From municipalities to industrial refineries, volunteers to careers, Class A to Class B fires, Pierce Husky foam systems are the best-performing, easiest, most economical and safer way to fight fires.

PUC™: The PUC minimizes the vehicular space used for fire suppression and maximizes the space for tools and equipment.

TAK-4® Independent Suspension: Independent Front Suspension (IFS), stops faster, corners better, improves handling, offers better ride quality and is far more maneuverable than any straight-axle truck on the road. Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) operates like IFS, but provides power to the wheels. With the ability to add TAK-4 T3, the 100% mechanical steering system further improves control and mobility.

Snozzle®: A high-reach extendable turret offers advanced elevated waterway response allowing you to attack fires from multiple angles.

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