Pierce Quantum Custom Chassis


More space. More Firefighters.

The bold style of the Quantum® provides a low engine tunnel creating a large open cab with greater visibility.  Automatic stair steps provide safer forward entry and exit from the cab.


Setting the fire industry’s standard for performance and technology.

quantum expterior

4,100-Square-Inch Windshield

A large, wrap-around windshield offers a 180° view; tinted safety glass cuts the solar load and heat.

Vertical Wiper Blades

Pantograph wiper blades clear a maximum amount of glass area.

Upper Windows Above Doors

Windows provide better visibility and brighter interior light.

Air Actuated Steps

Air-actuated steps fold out automatically to provide a large, low first step from the ground that makes cab entry or exit easier.


Command Zone display

Command Zone™

Cutting edge capabilities to maintain your apparatus, prepare for calls and monitor performance on the scene.

Husky 3 panel


Husky™ 3 is the only entry-level foam system available with Class A and Class B capabilities.

Husky 12 display

Husky™ 12

Designed especially to handle structure fires, wildland fires, automobile and small class B fires. All with the performance of a fully-integrated Pierce Foam System.

Husky Industrial Options

Husky™ Industrial

Capacities up to 330 gpm and is capable of supporting a 5,000 gpm discharge rate while using a 6 percent foam concentrate. The digitally controlled foam proportioning system responds rapidly and accurately to changes in water pressure and flow. 

Hercules CAFS Options


The most economical, reliable and firefighter-friendly systems you can buy. You’ll protect private property, reduce structural damage, leave better evidence for investigators and most importantly, save lives.

Firefighter beside truck


The PUC minimizes the vehicular space used for fire suppression and maximizes the space for tools and equipment.  

IFS schematic

TAK-4® Front Suspension

Independent Front Suspension (IFS), stops faster, corners better, improves handling, offers better ride quality and is far more maneuverable than any straight-axle truck on the road. 

TAK 4 IRS schematic

TAK-4® Rear Suspension

Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) operates like IFS, but provides power to the wheels. With the ability to add TAK-4 T3, the 100% mechanical steering system further improves control and mobility.


Chassis: Quantum®

Engine: Detroit Diesel DD13, Cummins ISX 12, L9

Engine Horsepower: 400 - 525 hp

Transmission: Allison 3000 EVS, 4000 EVS or 4500 EVS

Alternator: 270 - 430 amp

Front GAWR (maximum): 24,000 lb

Front Axle Suspension: Leaf or TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension

Cramp Angle (maximum): 45°

Rear GAWR (maximum): 60,000 lb

Rear Axle Suspension: Leaf, Rubber, Air, TAK-4®, or TAK-4® T3; Single or Tandem

Frame Rail: 13-3/8"

Cab Width: 96"

Cab Length: 67" or 74"

Cab Roof Style: Flat or Raised (12" or 22")

Seating Capacity: 10

Doors: Barrier

Side Roll Protection: Default

Frontal Air Bags: Default

Electrical System: Command Zone™